Anking V12 Suspend/Unsuspend Highlight Bug

Hi All,

Was wondering why every time I suspend or unsuspend cards it isn’t highlighted. Like in V11, when I suspended cards it would be highlighted yellow but in V12, it isn’t highlighted so I cannot tell which ones I suspended or unsuspended.

How do I fix this?


This would not be an issue with v11 or v12. Did you change anything on anki? Did you install or change addons like the recolor addon or update a new Anki version?

AnkiHub wouldn’t affect this

Hi AnkingMed,

So under browse on the left side, there is a heading labeled “Card State”. Do you know where I could go to edit those colors? Or where is the code for highlighting suspended cards. I cannot find it under “Manage Note Types” → “Styling”. Do you have a video for this? I do not mind doing a little digging around and coding to fix this.

If it’s too much of a hassle to explain. It’s fine, I’ll just redownload everything.

I do not have the recolor addon.

Thanks for your work btw!

The note styling won’t affect that. Only ones I know of are addons like recolor