Can I delete all the cards with the "#AK\_Step1\_v11" tag? I tried to find similar cards to them but i didnt find any so i didnt delete them

These are not available on ankihub either so how can i know if they are in the ankihub deck or not?
Also please note that these are not the cards with !DELETE tag,so please let me know if i can delete all the cards in it or not.

Yes you can.

are there any related cards to these uworld QIDs and these topics?
I didnt find these QIDs in the version 12 when i searched for them

What topics are you referring to? The v12 deck should cover most everything. The stuff we removed were duplicates or low yield

oh okay okay, thats what i wanted to confirm. Because they were tagged high yield and i didnt find any duplicates to them.But if you guys had carefully examined and skipped them then i trust you. There were some cards from respiratory pathology which were marked high yield and with Uworld QIDs thats why i was reluctant to delete them

Can you share some screenshots of a few of them?

now i have deleted them :frowning: