How to deal with DELETE(DUPLICATE) cards that you have unsuspended and studied

Hi, I have a question related to duplicates tagged in V12.

Actually, I did not check for cards tagged “DELETE(DUPLICATE)” as there were initially none in V12, but with time, it turned out that some were tagged as duplicates - which I did not notice - and now I find myself with around 20 cards unsuspended from those 150 duplicates. How should I deal with them?

Should I find their counterparts so to start working on them -if yes how to find them cause I don’t think they have the exact same words- and delete these duplicates I have been working on and all remaining duplicates?
should I protect those duplicates (and how?) I had been already working on and delete the remaining cards?

And by the way, those DELETE(DUPLICATE) are not on ankihub anymore right? I should select all and delete them like one does for empty cards?

sorry, my questions may be very basic but I am not an Anki expert…

If it were me I would just continue them and delete the others

okay! thanks for the feedback; so there is no risk of having those cards deleted right? even if they are removed from AnkiHub later as of being duplicates

nope it’s safe :slight_smile:

I have a follow-up question here regarding the DELETE(DUPLICATE) tags. When I hover over some of the cards no “warning” that it’s a duplicate pops up. Just to make sure, it is still safe to delete them right?

Yeah they’re ones we determined were duplicate topics so the wording isn’t exactly the same but it’s covered elsewhere in other cards

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For now you can flag them all and suspend them, until we have a way to remove them in AnkiHub they may continue to pop up for you.

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I may have already deleted them :sweat_smile: but I will keep that in mind for the new ones that come along!