Can I have new cards from AnkiHub decks be automatically suspended?

Is there a way to make the cards with the New_Note tag automatically suspend when I sync with AnkiHub? When I open Anki, those cards are unsuspended and they add to the new cards i’m supposed to do for the day, which I don’t want. I’m just wondering if there’s an alternative to manually suspending them.

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Yes, there is a configuration setting for this. Go to tools->add-ons->Ankihub->config.

Look for “suspend_new_cards_of_existing_notes”: and set it to “always”


I think this might be linked to my other thread. However I am wondering if this will suspend sibling cards that I did not get to for that day?

Example: I have 5 cards and 2 are siblings. I unsuspend all 5 cards (New#----) but only see 1 of the sibling cards for the day due to my setup. I finish all 4 cards (#----) and then sync with ankihub. Will the unsuspended leftover sibling still tagged as (New) #---- become suspended?

Remainimg cards should remain unsuspended if you manually unsuspeded the cards manually.