New cards being added from Ankihub


I’m starting school in a few weeks, but I got my Anking deck from Ankihub all set up already. I notice that whenever I open it up (which is every several days) I see that new cards have been uploaded. I only see this because currently all of my cards should be suspended, so whenever I find an unsuspended card, I know it was just added, and then I subsequently suspend it. My question is, however, once I start actually using the deck, it won’t be so obvious when a new card is synched from Ankihub since I’ll already have many cards unsuspended. How should I resolve this problem? Should I be checking which new cards have been added in “Browse” every time I open Anki?

I hope my question makes sense. Thanks in advance!!

There is no way to autosuspend new cards currently being pushed, however, if a new cloze is being pushed you can autosuspend that. You can find how to do this here.

Suspending new cards is a feature that will be developed and implemented in the near future. You can also do what you mentioned at the bottom and suspend that way.

are these new cards relevant to cards we have already suspended? or are they just new updates added to the deck

There are two types of new cards

New clozes (which are new clozes added to previous cards in the deck)
New cards entirely (completely new cards that were not in the deck before)

The new cards are new entirely