Syncing my deck unsuspends unwanted cards


I started using AnkiHub recently to begin prep for summer board exams. I used the Anking deck in the past but deleted all card data and started fresh for Step 2 prep (I know this isn’t necessarily recommended, but I did not keep up with my cards so I wanted a clean fresh start). I have been loving the V12 deck and its well-integrated tags with UWorld question ID’s, but recently when I sync every once in a while it will unsuspend 4-5 cards that I had suspended before syncing. For instance, at the moment I am prepping for my ObGyn shelf exam, so I have only been unlocking cards related to my UWorld questions that I am practicing. However, today when I signed in to do my reviews, I had some new flashcards that were completely unrelated to the topic I had been unlocking cards from (e.g. High gastrin levels is suggestive of [Zollinger-Ellison syndrome]). Any reason why AnkiHub would unsuspend cards that I don’t want it to when syncing?

It isn’t a huge deal - I just search “-is:suspended” and re-suspend all the cards that are irrelevant to what I have been studying (usually only a handful), but over the course of me doing the entire Step 2CK UWorld package, this will get quite annoying I’m sure.


ANKIHUB DECK: AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2

Thanks for any suggestions!

Any chance these are separate cards? I.e. you suspended cloze 1 but a cloze 2 gets added?

Is this still occurring with the latest update? Lots of bugs were fixed

I am having the same issue as OP. Version 2.1.56 ANKIHUB DECK: AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2.
Syncing with anki hub generates 30-50 new cards for me. This can happen multiple times per day (I have it set to sync on opening). I do not believe it is a cloze card issue. They seem to be from totally random tag categories some of which I haven’t studied yet and are all *suspended.

Thank you!

I have the same problem too! version 2.1.63 … AnkiHub Decks: Anking Overhaul for step 1 & 2
every time I have to suspend the new cards added after sync with AnkiHub, which are unrelated to the topic to be studied.

Can you share some examples of new cards that are added?

I am having the same problem as listed above. I think I can provide a few examples. Is there a way to filter out cards that are new but due in the browser (sorry I am kind of a noob using the browser and I have a lot of due cards at the moment).

Having same issue

I’ve been having this problem randomly over the past few months. Here are a couple examples of cards that were auto unsuspended for me today. I haven’t unsuspended any cards in the Anking deck yet, so I don’t think this should be happening.

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I’ll have our team look into it. I’m not sure why they would do that. Thanks for the links! That was helpful

Can you try to change the config value of the suspend_new_cards_of_existing_notes to "always" and see if the problem still occurs after doing that?

Go to Anki’s main window → Tools → Add-ons → Select AnkiHub from the list of add-ons → Click the Config button. Then change the setting to "always" as shown on the screenshot.

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I’ll try that since mine is currently set to “if_siblings_are_suspended” and I’m not actively unlocking any cards, however, I’d still expect the behavior of “if_siblings_are_suspended” to not be unsuspending any cards for me at all since I haven’t unsuspended any notes/cards in the Anking deck.

I had another new card unsuspend itself today even with “suspend_new_cards_of_existing_notes” set to “always”.

This card has the #AK_Step1_v12::!DELETE(Duplicate) tag

These two also have the #AK_Step1_v12::!DELETE(Duplicate) tag

Is it possible that these cards (at least for @captaincu) are ones that the user deleted, then when they receive a tag update (which it looks like these did), they were put back into the collection as new cards?

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This would explain it. Generally it’s recommended to suspend cards instead of deleting them because of this.

That seems contrary to the documentation at the moment.

In any case, I don’t think these “new” cards should be unsuspending themselves.

I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding as to what is occurring. When deleted from the collection, if an update is pushed through, they are introduced to your deck as an entirely new card. It is due to the behavior of AnkiHub when a new card is introduced - that being that the card is unsuspended (likely so that you know a new card was added).

The documentation is referring to the !DELETE cards in the AnKing deck, and the instructions are for the deck itself. @jakub.f’s statement is regarding behavior on all of AnkiHub, not just for the AnKing deck. This is really an issue for the AnKing deck maintainers who are pushing changes on cards that are labeled as !DELETE - this forces the card back into user collections. When maintaining the deck, sometimes users don’t check to see if a card is labeled !DELETE before making a suggestion and maintainers miss that it’s a !DELETE card.

Eventually (I am in no way an authority on this subject) the hope is to have the ability for the deck owner to delete the cards so it is impossible to update cards labeled for deletion.

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My settings are set this way and I have not deleted the dupe cards because many of them I was already studying when they got marked dupes. Problem still persists for me, is there a way for me to isolate the “new” “due” cards in the browser?

I am having the same issue. I installed the v12 deck from scratch with no deletions, and only suspended cards based on Uworld QIDs using the addon. This is pretty annoying, since I only want to study cards related to my Uworld incorrects and now I’m getting a whole bunch of random stuff pushed into my deck without me knowing about it.

@developers since we are now pushing new cards, we need a way to automatically suspend new cards, not new clozes on existing cards (which we can already do per the ankihub documentation)

Is there any way we can get this incorporated?

We will be pushing many cards in the near future and people shouldn’t have to have them unsuspended if they dont want them to


i had suspended (all under flag these cards + those that i found were low yield as i did them first time) as well as flagged many cards. all have been unsuspended automatically and flags removed from those that were flagged. kindly solve this issue.
anki version 2.1.65 qt6
ankihub addon version 2023-7-19.1