Can't bulk suggest new tags

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I’m trying to bulk suggest some new tags for NBME form 25, but when I try it keeps giving me this error “some of the notes you selected are not of a note type that is known by AnkiHub”. Not sure how to fix.

After playing around with it, it’s something with the Zanki Step 2 and Cheesy Dorian deck cards, the Zanki Step Decks are fine.

Did you have v11 before? You may have extra cards. At the top of the sidebar under the AnKing section you can search by notes that have an AnkiHub ID. Use this to find the notes and then bulk suggest

Yep, that’s probably the problem.

I ended up doing it manually, but is there a syntax way of identifying which cards have valid IDs so only those show in browse?

Yeah at the top left of the sidebar, just sort by the notes that have an AnkiHub ID

These tags have been appropriately submitted and approved, and this issue resolved (no active bug with bulk suggesting tags)