Can't suggest changes on AnkiHub - "note is unchanged"

There’s a card that I would like to suggest a change for but when I hit submit, ankihub says “Note is unchanged”. Attached screenshots. Top one is using my browser, you can see an iage of the note before I’ve put in my suggestion and what it shows after I’ve put in my suggestion and hit submit. Bottom image is if I try the same thing from the anki app (MacOS).

Any ideas? Thank you.


Maybe has to do with getting rid of cloze 1? Either way, I think this suggestion is wrong. Very easy to search on google.

“The major polysynaptic efferents of suprachiasmatic nucleus neurons project to the pineal gland. During the night, these fibers release norepinephrine and stimulate postsynaptic beta-1 and alpha-1 adrenergic receptors on pinealocytes, triggering the production of melatonin.”
From here: Neuroanatomy, Nucleus Suprachiasmatic - StatPearls - NCBI Bookshelf
In rats: Circadian rhythms of norepinephrine in the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus - ScienceDirect

Thanks for the response regarding the suggestion. Not sure what happened on my end because when searching, that article didn’t pop up for me so I appreciate you linking a source. Sorry if it was a hassle. Since there wasn’t a source in the card, maybe a screenshot or link to that article would be a good addition to make?

Regarding the potential bug itself, I notice it with another card I would like to submit a suggestion for.

For reference the original card states:

Cocaine intoxication can cause agitation, {{c1::hypertension::BP}}, {{c2::tachycardia::HR}}, and pupillary {{c3::dilation}}