Can't sync with AnkiWeb when logged out of AnkiHub

Click the “Sync” or use the hotkey “Y” both do not sync the collection if I am not logged into AnkiHub, and there’s no indication what the issue is visually within Anki.

i can attest to this, happening to me as well, if I am logged out of ankihub which occurs often, the sync button does not work unless i exit anki. Thought this had to do with a weird anki specific glitch at first but turns out its due to ankihub and not being logged in

Thanks, all. @jakub.f , maybe something here causes Anki not to sync if users aren’t logged into AnkiHub.

To reproduce:

  • log out of AnkiHub
  • try to trigger an AnkiWeb sync

Observe the following logs:

INFO 2023-02-16 13:23:44,899 entry_point 55477 8639296192 Running do_or_setup_ankihub_sync.wrapper
INFO 2023-02-16 13:23:44,901 entry_point 55477 8639296192 Runnig _new_sync_collection_and_media
INFO 2023-02-16 13:23:44,902 entry_point 55477 8639296192 Syncing with AnkiHub in _new_sync_collection_and_media
INFO 2023-02-16 13:23:44,902 sync 55477 8639296192 Skipping sync due to no token.

@andrew That’s definitely it. I’ll take care of it.

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@m.b @Ahmed_DISVSTXR

The add-on was updated with a fix for this problem.