Card background keeps automatically changing after syncing between devices

After changing the styling for the NM background colour via the card styling menu for the Anking Card type the changes do not stay for more than a few hours.

This never used to be a problem but recently the colour automatically changes from #080A16 (the colour I want to keep) to a grey colour. Are there any fixes? Thanks :slight_smile:

We made some changes to the AnkiHub add-on to make it update AnKing note types to their newest versions. This is why your customizations got removed

To solve this issue, you can use the AnKing Note Types add-on:

It has an UI for customizing AnKing note types. It also updates note types to their newest version while preserving customizations.

The AnkiHub add-on won’t update the note types when you have the AnKing note types add-on installed, in order to not remove your customizations.

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Thanks mate!

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