Collaborative specific fields for general decks

I know this may quickly get complicated, just putting this out there for future consideration.

End state:
Designate a specific field in a deck that can be used for school-specific or study group specific content. In other words, make it so that some changes are published on a field-specific basis and people can subscribe to extra content/fields for certain decks.

Say I subscribe to the AnKing deck. Under the Anking deck, there is a list of other fields that I could subscribe to if I wanted. Maybe this is just extra content (Extra field that contains a youtube link to a free video explaining the topic, or some other resource) or maybe it is school-specific content (Extra field that contains a screenshot of the associated in-house lecture).

Would allow for opt-in expansion of current decks to include more content that deck maintainers may not care to add.

Would be hard (ie, dynamic editing of card types to add in user-dependent fields, sending deck suggestions to multiple maintainers depending on the field, etc).

I’m not sure if it would be better to integrate this into Ankihub directly, or build an add-on that somehow shows extra fields in one view (or combines two decks on ankihub via ankihubID in some other way).

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Might be possible to just fill one field with that content? (Ie the lecture notes field). You’re right this does get very complicated though

Yeah, that would get it done. Just thinking about the implications of that can be complex though. People who already used that field probably wouldn’t like it.

I think that probably the easiest way to get it done is to host two separate deck on ankihub. Let’s say for example the whole Anking deck as deck #1 and a second deck with just the Anking card ID and the extra field to be added as deck #2. Then in deck #1, edit the note type to pull in the extra field in deck #2 based on Anking card ID (maybe similar to how Glutaminate’s pop-up dictionary works? Though I haven’t checked their code).

Edit: Or just literally copy the field of deck#2 to an empty field on deck#1 on sync every time.