Concerns about Updates and Spaced Repetition in Anki Card Distribution

I’ve recently noticed some aspects of the updates in Ankihub that appear to deviate from the essence of spaced repetition. While I understand the necessity of updating content when there are changes in guidelines or medications, I have concerns regarding the frequent alterations made to the cards, especially when it involves minor wording changes. It seems that these modifications may compromise the effectiveness of the review process. Cards that were previously matured now become challenging to answer correctly due to new phrasing, mnemonics, or in particular being asked to identify new images.

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this matter. How have you personally addressed the updating of information while maintaining the principles of spaced repetition?

Thank you for your input.

Thank you for writing this up and I understand your concerns.

In my opinion, in regards to images, having to identify new images is much more challenging I agree, but it also tests do you really know what the specific image is showing, or do you just remember that image because you memorized the colors and shapes etc.

We are almost nearing the end of the replacement project, so the majority of images have been updated and the amount of new images you will see from now on will slow down.

I would say the same with minor word formatting, it tests whether you truly know the topic, or whether you are just memorizing the structure of the sentence previously, which I have been guilty of many times before. This led me to focus more on the concept, rather than the format of the card, and this personally improved my personal retention.

@taylordugan previously mentioned how the new images helped when taking his steps, perhaps he can weigh in more regarding this topic.

The AnKing deck is a work in progress, and it has been improved significantly since the start of AnkiHub, but in the end, we are ensuring that all these changes benefit you as a user whether that be updating formatting or outdated / low-quality images.

If you have absolutely any concerns with a certain card, please be sure to suggest it on AnkiHub and the maintainer team and I can take a look at it for you.

Thank you for choosing AnKing! :slightly_smiling_face:

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