Ankihub removing copyrighted images? If it ain't broke, don't fix it?

I understand that Ankihub now supports media syncing. However, I have noticed that a lot of the previous copyrighted images are now gone. For instance, I was running through the Zanki neuroscience cards today and noticed that a significant number of the Kaplan Neuroscience images are gone. This is confusing as the Zanki decks were built off Kaplan neuroscience. Additionally, the new images are needlessly detailed or overly vague. As an example, the image of the basal ganglia circuit diagram is lower quality than the Kaplan neuroscience image. Additionally, the layers of retina image contains way too much detail. Even images from the Pathoma videos are gone?!

This then begs the question on how much copyrighted material the Ankihub team is going to remove. For me, this is a big turnoff for remaining a subscriber to Ankihub if images of Uworld algorithms, sketchy images, etc. will disappear. I like the concept of adding new material but to remove existing quality resources is unnecessary and destroys the integrity of Zanki, Cheesy Dorian, and others’ work. It is additionally paradoxical to the point of spaced repetition when what you are “repeating” is significantly different.

Overall, I highly appreciate the work that your team is doing This particular change, however, is personally very concerning to me and outweighs the benefits of this platform. This is coming from someone who has been using these decks for the past 3.5 years with 26,000+ cards learned.

If there’s a way to protect all the current images while still being able to receive the new ones, this would solve all my concerns (or simply being able to protect all the current images).


I appreciate the insight. This is a very difficult issue that we’ve been trying to grapple with for years.

Essentially we need to get the deck to a point where we can share it and better collaborate as a community. Unfortunately many of the images that were originally used for the deck are from textbooks or resources that we don’t have the license too. Many of those are also getting outdated. We’re trying to replace things as best we can in the short term and then we can potentially hire designers to actually create new images for us where needed (or solicit help from the community).

I understand your specific concern here and I talked with the team and they are going to try moving images that were in the text and extra to the top of the “additional resources” field from now on so that they remain there for people who already had the image in their collection. We’ll try and go back and do that for previous changes as well. Your point about spaced repetition is valid, but we’re rapidly trying to alter these now so that things are relatively stable for the incoming class that will start using this in a couple months. Hopefully moving them to the additional resources field will be a reasonable compromise for you.

If you have other ideas or suggestions, we would greatly appreciate it! As I said, this is a difficult issue I’ve had to deal with for years now and I’m trying to work as best as I can with the community to come up with a reasonable solution so that things will be much smoother moving forward.


Awesome, I really appreciate the receptiveness of your team to community feedback!


Please feel free to continue offering feedback and ideas as we continue! Our goal is to provide the best for students :slight_smile:

I would like to second this. I have noticed that many of the new images are not as good as previous images (specific example, for card that asks to identify Brodmann area, previous picture had Brodmann area labeled). It feels like we are getting an inferior product as compared to what is available for free on reddit.

If you are going to do this, can you at least make sure that the new images cover the same amount of detail as the previous picture? And if not, having the old images accessible in “additional resources” would be ok. It would be greatly appreciated if this could be done for the previously cards.

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We are currently in the works to add back every single image that was in the extra section to the additional resources field. This will take us some time but it will be done in due time! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for that! I’d been facing the same issue!

Hey, is there a way I could help out on maintaining the deck?

@buninader were working on improving this and responding to feedback. One thing that we can do is manually edit these pictures (if the license allows) using the “Image Editor” addon. If you notice one that needs something highlighted and the license allows, please submit a change!

Yes for sure!

You can start out by helping out on the ankihub website. Commenting on suggestions and weighing in on post conversations helps us a lot. Liking/disliking, as well as having consistently good suggestions will make us keep an eye out on you.

If you continue to be active and we deem you a good fit, we will be more than happy to take you on!

We will have an updated maintainer guidelines notion document that can help you out on making effective suggestions/see how things work with the team (formatting, bolding, underlining, source hierarchy, table formatting etc.), we can share that with you when it is ready :slight_smile:

Something i just noticed:
The question image on this card has the answer at the bottom of the image, makes the card redundant

AnkiHuB Note Id: 4c9b7b43-3f6a-45c0-98ef-87682e14244d

You are right, I will fix this now

Try syncing and it should be fixed now! Thank you for letting me know!

Yesss, thank you so much!

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Hello AnkingMed. Do you have a solution for the new pictures that have replaced the front of some of the cards (ie some of the neuroanatomy cards)? Some of these have changed significantly as well.

The neuroanatomy ones should be pretty decent. Is there an issue with any of them?

Yes. Here is one for example. As compared to the previous card, the contrast here is much less obvious, which when moving fast, makes it more difficult to discern what is being shown.



Yeah that makes sense. To be completely honest I think these cards are overkill to start (Zanki himself said he went too far on neuro stuff). But for now can you add a suggestion to add a tag !AK_Updatetags::NeedsImageReplacement? We can start using this to track what people don’t love and then we can find or create replacement images

Yes definitely, will do. And to be clear, its not as if its completely impossible to see what’s being indicated in the new image, just that it is not as clear as the previous image. And it seems like in the spirit of an update, images should be better than the previous ones.

When placing these tags, would it be helpful to add details of why the image might need to be replaced?

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Yes definitely, please do!