Copyright free images not visible on deck when imported


I posted this before on both Reddit and on the ankihub question page before this forum began but haven’t received any assistance.

I’ve tried to get images and audio on the v12 deck for months and it hasn’t worked. I’ve uninstalled anki and deleted everything from my laptop to start fresh each time, assuming I’m just not following instructions properly. In prior versions I’ve either installed or not installed add-ons before and after downloading and adding the images to the folder; I’ve tried importing them from google drive (that never worked) so I would just download them directly to my laptop then transferred them to the folder (this also didn’t work).

However, this morning I started fresh once again and it didn’t work again. Here is what I did:

Downloaded and installed Anki 2.1.55Qt6. Then I used this video from AnKing to install ankihub and import the images.

After I installed Anki and added ankihub, I logged in. Then I re-subscribed to the Anking deck, then re-started Anki.

Then I tried using the google drive import feature. I didn’t work (always gets stuck at 20%), so I downloaded the zip folder from google drive.

I first tried copy-pasting all the images from the folder to the existing folder (I accessed the media folder by using “Open Media Folder” in the Import Media window. I re-started Anki and looked through some cards- no images.

So then I did “Open Media Folder” again but this time deleted that folder, then copy-pasted the folder from the v12 copyright free images folder directly, then re-started Anki. Still no images.

To be specific, I do see certain things like the OMI logo (which I want to get rid off) but not card images. For example:

This last time I haven’t downloaded any add-ons or done anything else apart from what was explained in the Youtube video. I’m honestly really tired of trying and would like the $20 (4 months of subscription time) I’ve spent on this- I’ve been sick and then doing residency interviews and working, and just got over covid, so maybe I should have just cancelled earlier.

But I wanted to restart anki since I finished clinicals a year ago and want to review for residency. I want this to work. So why isn’t it working? Please help. Thank you.

Download the collection media onto your desktop and unzip it. Then go to AnkiHub > import media > local > browse > find the folder and click on it.

It should import smoothly. If it doesn’t let me know and I will continue to troubleshoot with you until we solve the issue.


Thanks for responding, I appreciate it.

I’ve tried that a few times, both by importing through the browse option and by copy-pasting directly onto the folder. Neither option has worked.

I just tried importing it again- followed the same instructions you provided that I’ve followed before- but nothing happened:

I should say also, sounds don’t seem to be loading either.

So for example, the default deck is organized to start with the heart murmur cards, but the sound isn’t available and neither is what I assume to be an image of a stethoscope on the sternum (I remember seeing this elsewhere so I assume it’s those images/vids).

Cards with a Sketchy image on the back, the image is visible if I click on it. So it seems like the problem is images in the front of the card or images that should automatically appear when I click for the answer.

FA images don’t work when I click on them either.

Example image: first image isn’t visible but clicking on the Sketchy button does produce its associated images.

Why don’t I have all the media in the deck?

If you do tools→ Check media and have missing media files, here are a couple possible explanations:

  1. You have missing media files in other decks on your Anki profile
  2. You downloaded all fields of the deck, but not all image packs.
    A. If you did not download the Physeo or Pixorize image packs you may have missing image icons in those fields
    B. We are committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others. To that end, the media packs include only those images that we have licensed or that we reasonably believe are in the public domain. In this regard, the media packs include Sketchy, Physeo, and Pixorize images. Images found in the Text, Extra, First Aid and Additional Resources fields of past decks may or may not be covered by third-party copyrights. The deck may include html that references images found in earlier versions of the deck with undetermined rights to use and as such may not include a useable image. We are actively working to replace everything in the deck with better images that we have permissions to share. While other images are available in social media (e.g., Reddit posts and comments or other public forums), we are not connected with and do not maintain or otherwise affiliate with these other sources.

:warning: These decks are intended to be used with your purchase of any resource used in them. We take no responsibility for your use of any materials or images that are not legally obtained and strongly encourage you purchase all the materials associated with the deck you use.

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Ok, so I checked media and I am missing a lot of files.

I don’t have any other decks on anki apart from AnKing overhaul. I had WiWa and Zanki in anki before but I got a new laptop a few months ago and I started fresh, no old decks.

After this last time of trying to set up everything I also went to downloaded the Physeo and Pixorize packs. However, these are decks and not image packs like the v12 copyright free image pack.

In any case, I mostly just want to see FA images and images of histology/physical exam/etc photos, like the ones that appeared in the Zanki and Doc decks.

(continued from prior message because, as a new user, I can only add one photo per post)

For example, for the card in this screenshot, what image would appear here that doesn’t in my deck? Is this an example of something that wasn’t transferred to the Anking overhaul deck, hence why I just see the broken image link icon?

This is where we have shared our image packs.

In regards to the other images, I’ll copy a few notes from my previous official statement:

The deck may include html that references images found in earlier versions of the deck with undetermined rights to use and as such may not include a useable image.

While other images are available in social media (e.g., Reddit posts and comments or other public forums), we are not connected with and do not maintain or otherwise affiliate with these other sources.

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@TheAnKing @dollajas Hello, I am brand new to Anki and AnkiHub. I am afraid I seem to be having pretty much the same problem as entresuspiros. Most of the images do not show up when viewing the cards and when I “check media” I have thousands of missing cards. I have tried basically the things mentioned in this post.
I downloaded Anki and then got the AnkiHub add on and loaded my subscribed decks, including the V12 Overhauled Step Deck. After noticing that the media files seemed to be missing and reading through this post, I attempted to import the media through the link you shared via Google Drive first via link and then by downloading the media to my computer documents and importing from there. This did not solve the problem. The only change I noticed after doing this several times was that the missing media number has grown and I now can hear sounds for the first cards of the overhaul deck (which I could not before) although I can’t see the images of the stethoscope position and in other cards am still missing the images (only the broken image link is shown).

I really want to use this resource, but this has been an extremely frustrating installation process so far. Please help! And thanks in advance.


The developers are currently making a major update to media syncing for images.

Therefore, media sync has been temporarily halted for the timebeing. We will let you know when you are able to see images soon ASAP.

We deeply apologize for this inconvenience

EDIT: Syncing is now enabled and works normally

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is the media available for use? i just brought the subscription yesterday and realized the media isnt available. Please help

Yes, media syncing is working

Text, extra, Pixorize, and sketchy are all being synced

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