Many Images Not Loading Into Deck

I am a new Anki user and tried downloading the v12 Step 1/2 deck. upon downloading, there are numerous images missing, and only 219 images actually downloaded in the deck. I would just rather use the v11 as that deck has an actual tutorial on YT that I can follow. how am I able to rectify this? if there is no solution, then is there any chance I can get a refund? I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you!

Here is a tutorial for v12

You would have to import the media from the reddit link provided, the video above will show you how to do that, you should then be able to see all images after importing the media locally

If you have any other questions: its worth checking out the AnkiHub Wiki as well!

You should definitely get more than 200ish images. What makes you say that’s all you got? In your AnkiHub menu, does it say it’s still syncing images? My first thought would be to unsubscribe from the deck and re-subscribe

how do i import it locally? what are the steps involved in that? i’ve never had to zip/unzip files before and i don’t know what i’m doing when it comes to that

so when i went to import media onto my computer, 13k something images would be there, but then i would click import and only 219 files would actually go into the deck. everything else was completely empty

Go to this section in the top left of your addons

Then go to import media, then local files, then browse, then find the folder with the images from the reddit and click import


Let me know if you’ve done these steps already

I did do that. I found the files, imported them, and then when I went to actually put them into the deck it only loaded 200 images.

Did you already have the rest of the images? What does it say when it loads the link? It should say how many images found and stuff. Can you screenshot that for us

This is what happened just now after downloading the images again, importing them, and trying to add them to the deck. I would add more screenshots but it only lets me put one.

and this is after unsubscribing from the deck and resubscribing. before this I also deleted all the images from my computer so I could start fresh.

CleanShot 2023-05-14 at 15.42.02@2x

This part of the pop up explains what’s going on. Long story short you already had all the other media files

ok, gotcha. so then i’m just wondering why when i open up the deck, a lot of images are missing. for example, in the “additional materials” section of all the cards, first aid, etc. i rly only see images for sketchy and the online med ed photos. how do i get those other images into the deck? thank u for ur response to this, i rly appreciate ur patience.

There is a FAQ addressing that issue on the wiki:

oh shoot, didn’t realize that was included. thanks so much again, i appreciate you taking the time

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