Why don't I have all the media in the AnKing Step Deck?

:exclamation: NOTE: AnkiHub now has media support so importing media separately is not necessary unless you are importing media files from past decks, special media packs or files that others have shared

If you see an empty field like shown below


First, make sure to check out this post as it might answer your question

If not:
If you do not have media in a field, but expected to:

  1. Check that the field is not protected on AnkiHub (note that some fields are protected by default)
  2. If it is protected, but you did not want it protected you will need to unprotect it, unsubscribe to the deck, and then re-subscribe to trigger a full sync
  3. Check that there is actually content on that note in that field. Many fields do not have content. You can also view information about each field here . Click “view on AnkiHub” within Anki to bring up the note on app.AnkiHub.net and see what the official note has.

If you see a “missing media” icon (shown below) or you went to tools→ Check media and it says something like this shown below:



NOTE: AnkiHub→ Import Media can import folders, media in .apkg files, google drive links, or mega links with images.Possible explanations for the missing image icons (or missing media in “Check media”) are:

  1. If the “Check media” dialog says you have missing media, you may have missing media files in other decks on your Anki profile. You need to determine which notes have those missing files (you can copy and paste the image names into the search bar)

  2. You unprotected the Physeo field, but did not import their image pack (Note, as of 7/13/2023 Pixorize is included with the deck by default).

  3. If you did not download the Physeo image packs you may have missing image icons in those fields

:bulb: There will be missing media files in these fields unless you download the media for those fields. If you don’t plan to use those resources (i.e. Physeo), you can proactively protect those fields or retroactively select all notes and then batch edit that field and replace them with nothing.

  1. You unprotected First Aid and/or Additional Resources fields, but did not have those images already from a previous deck


  1. We are committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others. To that end, the media shared includes only those images that we have licensed or that we reasonably believe are in the public domain. In this regard, the media includes Sketchy, Physeo, Pixorize, and other publicly licensed images. Images found in the First Aid and Additional Resources fields of past decks may or may not be covered by third-party copyrights. The deck may include html that references images found in earlier versions of the deck with undetermined rights to use and as such may not include a useable image. We are actively working to replace everything in the deck with better images that we have permissions to share. While other images are available in social media (e.g., Reddit posts and comments or other public forums), we are not connected with and do not maintain or otherwise affiliate with these other sources.

  2. To read about the contents of each field, click here

  3. :warning: These decks are intended to be used with your purchase of any resource used in them. We take no responsibility for your use of any materials or images that are not legally obtained and strongly encourage you purchase all the materials associated with the deck you use.