All first aid images missing on Anking V12

Followed the Anking post’s directions on downloading media. All sketchy, physeo, and pixorize images are available. However, no first aid image shows up on any cards. I have tried re-downloading and re-importing all media from the zipped Google drive file, but no resolution yet. Any help at all is greatly appreciated.

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Try tools > check media > delete unused, then reimporting media as above

Just tried this. Upon re-importing, it said 71 files were imported. However, first aid images still don’t show. When I check media it also states I am missing 22,019 files.

This means you are using the wrong image source. Please see this post.

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I am having this same problem and have ensured that I am using the image source from the linked post.

None of the First Aid images show up in my deck - they all have the photo icon pictured above.

Any help would be appreciated!

Can you let us know how you imported the file? Did you import as local file?

Thanks for your response - I downloaded it to my desktop and then uploaded it using “import media” on the Ankihub tab and then selected it from my local files.

Please let me know your thoughts!

I am having a similar problem. I downloaded the media folder and uploaded media from my local file using the import media function. However, the first aid images are not imported into the deck. When I use the check media function I see that most of the images are not used while only 8 images are said to be missing. So it almost seems like the problem is that the deck doesn’t have a spot for the images but the images are in my media folder.

I am also having this exact same issue… has there been any fix?

Any fix? I have used the linked media file (the 3GB one) and it does not seem to work properly. It does not show any images for any of the first aid slots (not even the little image icon that some people get) and my “check media” button shows I have 16000 unused media. I have tried deleting my unused and re-importing but still no fix

Can you check to see if your first aid field is protected on AnkiHub?

Are you missing all the first aid images when you go through the deck? Are there no first aid images you are seeing?

Please follow the steps outlined here in the video

Make sure your first aid field is also not protected

My first aid field is not protected and I downloaded the file from the comments (about ~3GB). I am missing all of the first aid images but it shows I have the 16000 unused images. I was wondering if it was a copyright issue and all the images were removed or are they still a part of the deck?

***Update: i deleted the deck, resynced with ankihub and reimported all the image files after upgrading to 2.1.64 and the images are now appearing

Thats great to hear!!

I wonder if updating/deleting and reinstalling is the issue, if anyone else sees this please try what @acostae1 did and see if that works for you!

For future inquiries regarding images and media, please check out our wiki

Please see this page as well for any other questions

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