Outdated/missing uworld images

Uworld images in step 2 cards are outdated or missing. Are you planning to add or change?

UWorld images are protected by copyright, we are replacing all copyrighted images with high quality copyright-free images, we do not have permission from UWorld to update cards with their images unfortunately

Are you planning to delete existing ones too?
or keep them in additional resources?
If you are deleting existing ones it would be a big mistake I think

It is almost impossible to find and replace those uworld algorithms and flow charts

We are adding them all to additional resources!

Can you please tell me how can I add images to protected fields e.g “lecture notes”?
Let’s say I am learning management of appendicitis and want to add images to lecture notes fields , I mean not just copy paste one by one but add images to all appendicitis cards at the same time.

Not 100% sure on how to bulk add images, perhaps @dollajas could assist you further in this

This add-on will allow you to modify a specific field on a selection of notes at once Batch Editing - AnkiWeb