Adding pictures to cards as a change, how to proceed with AnkiHub "image support" tool


Quick question. Now that image support has been - finally! - released, if I want to add a picture to a card so that others in the community can see it when doing their cards, should I just paste it, submit the change to Ankihub -consider it is going to get accepted- , and then press “upload images for deck” in the AnkiHub addon? Are those steps correct?
Also, pressing “upload images for deck” will upload all the pictures of the deck OR will it just upload additional pictures that are not present in the main deck on AnkiHub?

Considering copyright issues, in the context of Anking deck for Steps, what are the steps if we still want to share interesting pictures with the rest of this deck users?

Thanks for the feedback…

You would just paste it into the field and then upload it as a suggestion like you have in the past. You don’t need to “upload images for deck”. That button is just for deck creators that uploaded decks prior to image support

For the AnKing deck for steps, we are only accepting images that we have permissions for or that are public domain AND have a proper citation. Anything else will be automatically rejected.

See the wiki with guidelines here

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Perfect, thanks for the great feedback!

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