Media upload from downloaded google drive file- does not organize into their respective cards

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I’m sorry I don’t understand your question. Can you clarify? What deck is this? What media file? Are you missing images on cards? Is this an AnkiHub issue?

Sorry for the confusion. There was the media content to download from the comments on Reddit that was tailored to Ankiv12. It was a post you made. I downloaded it and as instructed I clicked the tab under ankihub (from Anki application) and clicked upload media files.

The link to the post is here:

George Sayegh

Mine is doing the exact same thing and I don’t have any images besides sketchy in all my cards.

Ok and what media are you missing?

I am missing all of them besides sketchy. I think I am in the same position as the other user(JZillman) commented

Can you please send examples of cards with missing images?

This image for example is nowhere to be found in the deck. I can share more but not sure if its right to do so.

Im guessing this is the image you are referencing?

I can see this card was in V11, but was deleted in V12, hence why there is no place for this photo to go in V12. If you see all First Aid images in your V12 deck then your media import is working fine!

I’ll have to check to see any FA photos there, I do see sketchy so far. But if this was in the medial files that was linked for v12, how come It won’t upload?

Images in the folder that aren’t in the deck were probably deleted from the deck. Are there any cards that you have that are missing images? That’s really all that matters

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The one mentioned by Ahmed for example is missing that picture.

Was the picture attached suppose to have a picture? I am sorry, I don’t have the v11 uploaded anymore because v12 uploaded separately from the v11 and it was taking up a lot of space. Is there anything more I can show you that might help? Id love to have either the v11 or that folder meant to be uploaded for v12 here.

The one mentioned by Ahmed was deleted from the deck.

I’m confused what you’re even asking. You keep saying missing images but missing where? The pictures you’re showing don’t have a missing image icon. The fields are empty, but there are lots of notes that have empty fields. There are not sketchy, or first aid or pixorize, etc images on every note. Is there a note that has a missing image icon? Or a note that you believe should have a pixorize image but doesn’t? Or what’s the issue you’re running into? The more detailed you can be (ie what notes, what field of the notes, what is missing, etc) the more I can help you

I apologize for the confusion and I greatly appreciate the help! I’ll explain it this way if it helps. I am trying to figure out how to do this (see attached screenshot) but i do not see them appearing after I upload them.

Probably because it’s not needed anymore. AnkiHub has media support.

But those had pictures that’s not in the ankihub for example the one Ahmed showed.

George Sayegh

The picture I referenced is from V11, that card has been deleted now.

It does not exist in V12.

That picture is never referenced in V12, I was just trying to show that this picture was in V11, but since it was deleted in V12, the image won’t show up anymore.

Also the picture you uploaded is not the same as the one I showed, the picture I showed is about fetal macrosomia, you uploaded a picture of Sheehan syndrome

I hope that clears up any confusion

Sure that is from v11, but you referenced it as well.

My point is that the media files from the link to download for v12 does not update the v12 cards.

These pictures are not updating to my v12.

When we got media support on AnkiHub, it changed the name of the media files for technical reasons. So those images in that folder may not be in cards, but the image itself is still in the cards, just with a different name

Ah I see now, thank you very much!