Anki Image Replacement Project

Thank you AnkiHub team for all your incredible work. I had a question about replacing the AnKing images - I saw that some of the UWorld tables are being replaced by text tables (for example, some cards in B&B Pleural Disease, e.g. NID 1474503771577).

I personally find the original tables so much easier to read, and I saw that some users were suggesting AnkiHub changes that would replace many images with text. I did find a lot of these images to be useful. Should I get ready for these to go away? Maybe I can protect everything using the special fields but then I wouldn’t get any of the updates. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks again!

Yes we are planning to replace a lot of things. We’re using our own tables so we don’t use copyrighted images and so we can more easily keep things up to date.

Can you provide examples where you felt the replacement was not good enough?

Our intention is to make it so that the deck can be shared with images and not worry about copyrighted material

Thanks so much for a quick response!

The pleural effusion example was the first that came to mind, but I also saw the table in NID 1509812073632 was replaced by text (the user said the image was big and unnecessary, so instead they made a bullet-list of the same thing). Maybe this was a one-time scenario, but it seems like other pics will be following this example.

One more example, I was browsing through the suggested changes on AnkiHub and saw that the picture in the Additional Resources of NID 1473733280489 was going to be removed, and replaced with only text. I know the suggestion was rejected but it was named under “Anki Image Replacement Project” so it seems like this image will be going away in the future.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, it’s just so much of my learning has come from these images and tables that I’ve gotten familiar with, and I’m wondering how that will look as things change.

Thank you again for all your hard work!

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Oh sorry, regarding the last example - I just thought it was a really good image. Whenever I think of SVC syndrome, I think of that picture, so I just didn’t think replacing it with text was nearly as effective.

Additional resources are not going to be removed as of now as per my understanding. Only images in text and extra. If a user deletes something in additional resources when they submit we can revert those changes, since its only HTML in that section.

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@osmaanshahid I know some of those images may be helpful, but we’re trying to move towards a more open source means of distributing information in flashcards. The number one issue on this forum right now is people not having images because we can only share images that we have permissions for. We are doing our best to replace these with the most high quality method possible, including having some images actually designed. If you feel that these are needed in some cases, please let us know! If you feel the design of the tables are not ideal, let us know. Having a text table is far better than images because it allows us to change just one fact instead of having to change the whole picture when things change.

This is a draft of an email we plan to send out before we start changing the majority of the images. It has instructions for protecting things if you don’t want the changes:

  1. Example image replacements:
    • A note that contains an image of an ECG rhythm strip for Vfib from an unknown source will be replaced with this:

    • A note containing an image of lobar pneumonia will be replaced with this:

    • Physeo, being the amazing company that they are, has allowed us to use their textbooks to replace images

  2. Here is what will be uploaded for each field:
    1. Text, Extra - Media files will not be initially uploaded for these fields. We have employed multiple students to comb through these and replace the images in these fields with images we can share and this will be done over the next couple months. We even have designers to create images if needed! We intend to make this as high of quality as possible, but if for whatever reason you don’t want this, you can protect the text and extra fields of these individual cards (see this video). They are all tagged !AK_UpdateTags::^temporary::ImageFix
    2. Lecture Notes, Missed Questions, Pathoma, Boards and Beyond - These aren’t used. You can protect them and put your own content in these
    3. First Aid - We do not have plans to share images in this field, but we will not edit the html code in these fields for now
    4. Sketchy, Sketchy 2, Sketchy Extra - Images in these fields will be shared. We are working closely with Sketchy and will be updating these with new images, especially for Step 2, in the coming months! Sketchy Extra will be used for images of revamped Sketchy photos where there is still an original Sketchy photo, and we intend on keeping both in the deck
    5. Picmonic - We were initially working with Picmonic but have not heard from them for a while. As of now, nothing is in this field but it may be used in the future
    6. Pixorize - The Pixorize images will remain unshared to the general public, but are available here. If you do not use Pixorize, just protect this field in AnkiHub. You can also delete content in this field if you protect in AnkiHub (to delete, download the batch edit add-on, select all notes, Edit→Batch Edit, select the Pixorize field, select “Replace”)
    7. Physeo - The Physeo images will remain unshared to the general public, but are available here. If you do not use Physeo, just protect this field in AnkiHub. You can also delete content in this field if you protect in AnkiHub (to delete, download the batch edit add-on, select all notes, Edit→Batch Edit, select the Physeo field, select “Replace”)
    8. Bootcamp - We are working very closely on Bootcamp and they plan to start adding images to this field that will be accessible to everyone
    9. OME - This field currently contains the OnlineMedEd banner. It will be updated with new links in the near future as we work with OnlineMedEd to improve this
    10. Additional Resources - This field contains html references of images that we could not locate. We do not ever have plans to share media files in this field

This is incredible, and definitely makes me feel better about this whole thing. Thank you both so much for your updates and for sharing this info with me. I really appreciate the transparency and look forward to what’s coming next!!


The vast majority of us are aware that these images are easily obtainable from sources like reddit. The uworld images are the gold standard and should be untouched. If tables are going to be created, perhaps place them in a different field and keep these highly important images untouched?

If I were to protect the extra fields, then yes, I won’t lose these images. However, at the same time, I’ll also lose the benefits of the changes to the extra section that don’t involved the removal of images.

If the Ankihub team switches to open source images, then these decks are no longer “Zanki”, “Cheesy Dorian”, etc. From my perspective, the purpose of this community is to improve upon these individuals’ work by updating algorithms and adding information. We should not be removing information that has absolutely nothing wrong with it at the expense of creating an open source platform.

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See more detailed discussion here: Ankihub removing copyrighted images? If it ain't broke, don't fix it? - #2 by AnKingMed

i could not agree more. V11 is looking way better than V12 for that very reason. i

If you had V11 to start, we moved the html references to those images to the additional resources field and they would still show up (if you had V11). We protect that field automatically since many people don’t have V11 to start. This hopefully should allow for having the best of both worlds.

Note that you can move fields around using the AnKing Note Types add-on so you could make the Additional Resources field show up higher if you wanted

Updating V11 to V12 is a like mission impossible, so may be if guys can provide clear instructions on how to do that will make many anki lovers very happy. When u have shelf around the corner the last thing u want is mess with anki with not very clear instructions.
What add on is needed and then what field needs to protected. Zanki had amazing tables. If u guys could add stuff from light year. Then it will be perfection.