Delete V11 tags

Hey there, everyone! When I originally subscribed to and downloaded AnkiHub I am pretty sure my V11 tags were just automatically deleted and V12 tags replaced them as seen here:
Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 11.35.51 AM
I have some friends who believe this happened with theirs as well.
My question: There’s someone in my class wondering why he has both V11 and V12 tags in his “browse” portion, and I was wondering if anyone knew why/how to get rid of them and keep the V12 tags. Can he just control click delete on the V11 tag drop downs or would that screw with his V12 tags? Thanks a ton!

Yes you can tell them that all they need to do is right click and delete the v11 tag and they should be good to go!

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They can also just click “check database” in the tools menu and it’ll clear all unused tags

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