Deleted Unused Media Keeps Redownloading

Hello, I recently tried to use the delete unused images function for my deck. However, every time I sync, the images re-download. I realized that most of the images are from the image replacement project. I have chosen to keep my extra section protected because I like to throw in some of my own pictures and notes into that section; therefore, I am not using all of the new images.

I would like to delete the unused images to make the deck size smaller. However, every time I delete them, they just redownload. Any thoughts or suggestions?

The other images might be physeo and additional resources.

Protect physeo, additional resources, and any other field you do not want to use on AnkiHub. Then delete the images, that way they should not populate the next time you sync.

Thanks for the quick response! I actually already have those fields protected on Ankihub under the manage protected data setting. I also just tried reprotecting those fields. However, each time I delete all unused media, there are about 3000 images that redownload upon the next sync. Is there another way I should try to protect those fields or will those cards always download since they are apart of the shared deck?

Do you know where these 3000 images exist? Like which field does it populate?

They do not populate any fields on my cards currently, which is why they keep popping up as unused media, but I believe they are mainly from the extra field (I can tell that a lot of them are the new images from the image replacement project) as well as pixorize and physeo. I attached a few examples below:

If you protect all these fields, then delete the images within them, they should not repopulate when syncing again.

Can you take a screenshot of your protected fields and how are you going about deleting all these images?

Are you deleting them from every cards field?

I protected the fields on using the β€œmanage protected fields” setting. I currently have the Extra, Lecture Notes, Missed Questions, Pathoma, Board and Beyond, First Aid, Picmonic, Pixorize, Physeo, Bootcamp, and Additional Resources fields protected.

I am trying to delete the unused media by going to tools β†’ check media β†’ delete unused β†’ empty trash. It always lets me delete them, but whenever I sync again they redownload.

Just checked the first unused html for your second image, its a Pixorize image, same with the second one.

We recently started syncing the Pixorize field, so that might be where these are coming from. But if you are deleting the images then not sure why they are repopulating.

@andrew do the media files still download to a folder regardless if the images are deleted and then protected?