Downloading AnkiHub Deck Hides Editor in Browser

Good afternoon,

Since subscribing to AnkiHub a few months back I seem to be plagued with a litany of weird sort of unpredictable errors that come and go as I try to utilize new decks. The most recent iteration of this seems to start with any attempt to install the a new deck (most recently the ankisthesia deck). If I delete the new deck, the error goes away, if I try to download the deck and use it again, the error returns.

The error is a problem where in Anki 2.1.56 Qt6 my “browse” tab shows no editor window (haven’t updated because that Anki Palace site says that’s where to stay for now so my anki butler add on works). Additionally, once I open browse, I can’t close the browse tab and anki itself won’t close unless I force quit the app with Task Manager.

I have uninstalled all addons. I have reinstalled anki several times (trying both reinstalling 2.1.56 and trying the newer 2.1.60). No matter what, and now across multiple devices, if I open browse, I can’t see the card editing function, searches don’t to work at all (as in, I can type text into the search bar and hit enter and nothing happens), and the browse window becomes unclosable with Anki itself unresponsive to closing except via task manager. Obviously this has made using the Anki nearly unusable, as the only thing I can do is review new cards…can’t edit my decks, can’t turn on or off cards, and I can’t edit cards via browse.

Any help would be appreciated, as I am on an Anesthesia elective and have two aways coming up with the hopes of applying into the specialty and I had originally purchased ankihub with the intent of using a number of collaborating decks like ankisthesia. Instead, my experience so far has really only been a paid introduction crash course on how to lose hours of time to frustrating and so far unsuccessful trouble shooting.

This may be related to a different addon. Can you toggle all addons off except the AnkiHub addon and confirm that the issue still occurs?

The problem persists with all add-ons toggled off and then deleted. Additionally, did a reinstall after of Anki after deleting add-ons.

So it only happens when the AnkiHub addon is installed?

Can you send a pick