Downloading AnkiHub Deck Hides Editor in Browser

Good afternoon,

Since subscribing to AnkiHub a few months back I seem to be plagued with a litany of weird sort of unpredictable errors that come and go as I try to utilize new decks. The most recent iteration of this seems to start with any attempt to install the a new deck (most recently the ankisthesia deck). If I delete the new deck, the error goes away, if I try to download the deck and use it again, the error returns.

The error is a problem where in Anki 2.1.56 Qt6 my “browse” tab shows no editor window (haven’t updated because that Anki Palace site says that’s where to stay for now so my anki butler add on works). Additionally, once I open browse, I can’t close the browse tab and anki itself won’t close unless I force quit the app with Task Manager.

I have uninstalled all addons. I have reinstalled anki several times (trying both reinstalling 2.1.56 and trying the newer 2.1.60). No matter what, and now across multiple devices, if I open browse, I can’t see the card editing function, searches don’t to work at all (as in, I can type text into the search bar and hit enter and nothing happens), and the browse window becomes unclosable with Anki itself unresponsive to closing except via task manager. Obviously this has made using the Anki nearly unusable, as the only thing I can do is review new cards…can’t edit my decks, can’t turn on or off cards, and I can’t edit cards via browse.

Any help would be appreciated, as I am on an Anesthesia elective and have two aways coming up with the hopes of applying into the specialty and I had originally purchased ankihub with the intent of using a number of collaborating decks like ankisthesia. Instead, my experience so far has really only been a paid introduction crash course on how to lose hours of time to frustrating and so far unsuccessful trouble shooting.

This may be related to a different addon. Can you toggle all addons off except the AnkiHub addon and confirm that the issue still occurs?

The problem persists with all add-ons toggled off and then deleted. Additionally, did a reinstall after of Anki after deleting add-ons.

So it only happens when the AnkiHub addon is installed?

Can you send a pick

It starts when I download and install AnkiHub. Then after having installed AnkiHub, even if I delete the addon, the issue of no editing fields within the browse window persists. Additionally, Anki no longer can be closed by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner of the window. It can nly be closed once Browse has been opened using the task manger.

The issue doesn’t happen at all with AnkiHub deleted and me just using the Anking deck without updates. The issue also doesn’t occur with me only using the addons from the AnkiButler program.

I gave up on AnkiHub a couple months ago because this issue was completely debilitating my studying during my dedicated period (it only resolved after a clean reinstall of Anki and redownloading all my data from the cloud). Now past that I’d like to use the AnkiHub subscription I’ve been paying for this whole time and tried to use the addon with the Ankisthesia deck. Now with the AnkiHub addon installed again and syncing card updates, my browse window is back to having no edit fields. Attached is a picture of what that view looks like.

Can you confirm you are running the latest version of Anki that we are recommending currently, that being 2.1.64?

Using version 2.1.64 (581f82c5).

Before anyone suggests this…I’ve uninstalled the program completely from my computer and deleted all addons. Having reinstalled the program and no addons, the problem is still there. It’s almost as if your program adds something on the sever end that breaks Anki.

Last time the problem only resolved several days later when I came back to Anki after being totally frustrated and leaving it broken for a few days…upon doing a complete clean reinstall then with no AnkiHub, the browser miraculously showed the editor fields again.

This is super weird. I know there are some old addons that can cause this but this is happening even with no addons installed at all? If you hold shift and open Anki (keep holding shift until a popup box comes up) does it still happen?

Another clean reinstall of Anki…held shift (saw the pop-up), anki launched, opened the browser still with no editor fields, and had to use task manager to close the program. Looks like it’s gonna be broken again for another indeterminate period of time.

Just seems incredibly weird that it can stay broken across iterations of me uninstalling the program completely from my computer and then downloading and reinstalling…I know comparatively nothing about this program, but it seems like it’s not a problem local to the device anymore (unless it has something to do with card data, which I know isn’t wiped from the device during a uninstall) and like last time it is just going to have to sort itself out when some server decides to iron out whatever is broken.

So this is happening even without the AnkiHub addon? This is super weird. I’d recommend you post on as well in case this is an Anki related problem.

You’ve tried Qt5 and Qt6 right?

Have only tried Qt6 as I plan to continue using that. Can try Qt5 now I suppose.

Can you give it a shot and let us know if that works? I have no idea what is causing this bug so the more information the better

Qt5 won’t even launch. Tried running as an admin and no luck at all.