Feature Request: Change Name of Community Suggestion Title

Currently, the title for suggestions are very messy and tell us nothing.

What is important is:

  1. Whether it’s accepted/open/rejected
  2. The date
  3. Who suggested it
  4. What deck it’s from

A new example format could be

[Open] Ahmed7, Updated Tag, AnKing Step Deck (Feb 2nd 2024)

Another format

[Ahmed7] Open, New content, AnKing Step Deck, 2/02/24

@AnKing-Maintainers feel free to chime in



Love the first one

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  1. a discourse tag would be best for this so that the info can be used when searching
  2. info about the date is a part of the topic itself. this can also be used when searching. it’s redundant to put it in the title. perhaps we can force the creation date of the topic to match that of the actual suggestion.
  3. @pedroven , can you remember why we didn’t choose to create the topics from the AnkiHub user (and use the system user instead)?
  4. this is already there in the tag and it’s good to have it there for searching/filtering purposes.

All of this info should be represented in the discourse tags, the topic creator, and the topic creation date to use that data with Discourse’s searching and filtering. Why not just use the “Rationale for change” as the topic title?

@shmuelsash pointed out:

The open/closed part would be really nice in [in the topic title]. the issue is you can’t see if it’s open until you open it which is annoying

I’m sure there’s a solution for this that doesn’t depend on duplicating info in the title. I need to understand more about how you are using Discourse, browsing topics, etc.

Currently, when I go through my notifications, I’ll click on one that opens a specific comment. I’ll then scroll around, read them, look at the suggestion itself, and after spending a few minutes, I’ll notice the little purple/red circle indicating that the suggestion is closed.

I’ve started looking at the tags after opening the notification but it still requires that I open them all. Either having the notification go away once the suggestion is closed or changing the title are ideas I can think of but the goal is to limit reviewing notifications that are already completed

Is the important thing that the status is visible on the notification itself (in Discourse)? And/or that the status is clear at a glance when visiting the topic (without having to click to expand tags or whatever?

Another mechanism we have that might be useful is to mark topics as solved: Discourse Solved Plugin - plugin - Discourse Meta

It’s also possible that we can try to make it so that notifications are marked as read once they are accepted or rejected.

Marking them as read would be the best solution

The goal is to not have to open the topic to know if it’s been closed already

To not allow deleting the topic.

There may be a setting or another way to disallow deleting posts (perhaps only allow deleting posts that are not older than x minutes).