Open on Community for suggestions without any comments

Occasionally I’d find it helpful to open the community page for a change suggestion (two use cases have been 1) to find out who has voted up on a change since some changes require specific # of maintainers etc and 2) I don’t seem to be able to tag the anking-maintainers group on AnkiHub but can on the Community page of the same change suggestion - maybe this could be fixed instead)

I find if you type in @anking-maintainers on AnkiHub, it might not show up as a tag, but Community does recognize it and does tag it correctly


Albiet, there’s no way to open the community discussion for an exact suggestion, unless there’s likes already on it, or unless there’s already comments already on the post

The only way to open it (what I do) is like the suggestion, refresh the page (which will now show the community button), open the community page, unlike the post, and now I’m on the community page for that suggestion


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