Feature Request: Warning for new users when selecting "Text" or "Extra" field to protect


Occasionally, new users installing the deck for the first time accidentally (or intentionally) protect all their fields as shown below

This results in cards showing up as completely empty, and when using the tools → empty cards feature, it deletes every card completely.

New users should ideally never have to even click protect text/extra, the fields that are protected by default are sufficient. If they were to click on text/extra, this should warn the user that no cards will be downloaded, or that things may not work as intended if this option is selected. It should then say we recommend you not to protect this field.

We get around 2 reports of this per week, not a lot but we should streamline this process so they never have to end up doing this

Maybe a quick fix would be to hide these under a toggle and then add a note above them in red text or something.