FSRS Anki + AnkiDroid Issue (Discussion)

Hi, I recently downloaded beta version of AnkiDroid with the v3 scheduler and everything was working just fine, but I think I found one issue.

When I start to study card on mobile, and then later come to graduate it on desktop Anki, the interval is extremly high… (from 3 days → 9 days).

Anyone also experience this? Anyone also using the beta version of AnkiDroid with FSRS?

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Card studied and graduated in AnkiDroid
Card studied in AnkiDroid and graduated on desktop

And if I use the FSRS Helper, it will all prolong the intervals to the long amounts…
So my first conclusion is: FSRS Addon + FSRS itself and AnkiDroid beta V3 don’t like eachother yet.

I will experiment a little more with this and then will make some report about it to devs.

It seems, that the desktop FSRS algorithm totally ignore those “1” and also “2” rated reviews made from AnkiDroid.

That is my first observation while testing.

FSRS Dev is very available and responds quickly to issues on Github. I went ahead and made a bug report here that describes your issue.

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Wow, thanks. Yeah i see he already responded, I will check the discussion out.

Yeah, he is very quick