Help! why are my unsuspended cards showing up under zanki and just under overhaul

hi please help!
been trying to figure this out forever - i am unsuspending cards as we go along our renal/endocrine block - not sure why but when i unsuspend tags (i search for subjects covered in lecture that day) - they all go together in the overhaul deck and ihave no way of just focusing on endo which is what i need to do thjis week. please help! thank you so much! picture attached. i have the ankihub account so it should be synced and i donwloaded the V12 version of anking.

At the moment AnkiHub can only put cards into one deck. In the AnkiHub-> Subscribe menu you can set which deck they go into. We just added subdeck support to AnkiHub, but we don’t have the tags on the AnKing deck yet that will allow for adding cards to different subdecks

but why is this only happening with endocrine cards? my renal cards re showing up in BOTH the zanki deck and anking deck. sorry if it was phrased terribly in my original question - i would like them to show up in both preferably if that makes any sense - they show up in Renal for both as you can see.

Could be totally separate cards. Or it could be that the cloze 1 is in the zanki deck and we added a cloze 2 so it got added to the AnKing deck

ok so basically there is no way for it to show up in the zanki deck is what you are saying? why is this only happenig with every endocrine card though? they are also rtagged as pituitary gland so im not sure why if its unsuspending in anking it isnt in zanki - i unsuspend based on lecture materials if that makes sense

You can only pick one deck and all the new notes from AnkiHub will go to that deck

The decks aren’t really necessary anyway. They are based on the original organization but that has dramatically changed. You should use the tags and make your own subdecks

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yeah i was hoping to avoid that because im horrible at organizing all the information anyway - ok thanks for your help!