No subdecks on Anki

Hi, I’m new to using Anki so I’m sorry if this is a stupid question.
But when I’ve seen the Overhaul deck downloaded for other people, the deck has been separated into subdecks based on the topic. However, I can’t seem to make this happen for me. Any help would be appreciated

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There aren’t any subdecks for it right now. All the organization is in the tags

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Hi! did you figure it out how to divide parent deck into subdecks? I am going through same problem with you…

There aren’t any subdecks in the AnKing deck


Do they mean this enable subdecks button? Or is this only available for old users who installed v11 then upgraded?


Nobody can use the subdecks feature for the AnKing deck because we haven’t enabled subdecks for our deck. I don’t have plans to in the immediate future. The tags are more than sufficient and preferable for numerous reasons

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I am not sure but what they mean is they didn’t divide any of subdecks from parent deck. I think they want us to study or customize with tags

Anki: How to Use Custom Filtered Decks: Anki: How to Use Custom Filtered Decks - YouTube

huge thanks for help!

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This may be a super basic questions, but how do I study cards with specific tags? For example, if I wanted to study infectious disease content from a particular resource, how do I get the deck to send me those cards?

Unsuspend just cards with that tag or use a filtered deck

I am trying to unsuspend cards from a certain tag but it won’t show up when I do for certain tags.