How to deal with DST and time zone changes?

Yesterday we lost an hour in my country as of DST (daylight saving time) and that messed up the review heatmap addon with reviews I am doing today -Sunday- going to yesterday -Saturday- as well as messing up the time distribution of when I did my cards in the anki stats. The heatmap does NOT want to show me reviews on Sunday. Anki IS showing my reviews on Sunday. Here are my questions:
1_there is no way I lose my streak right? though I assume the heatmap will show me tomorrow that I lost my streak since it is not recording any reviews for today*
2_how does one deal with DST so that it does not mess up with anki?

Now, in general, if someone is travelling, what should be done so that the scheduling -and streak most importantly!- is not messed up/lost?

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

*well, it turned out that I did not lose my streak in the heatmap BUT all the reviews of Sunday went to Saturday, so Sunday is just empty for no reason

When I traveled, it messed up my streak for days that were 2 months back, if you have a mac, you can turn off your wifi, switch your time to the day that is empty in the settings, do one card, switch back your time, turn on your wifi and sync, ik that defeats the purpose of a streak but imo if its due to time zone differences its okay. If anyone else knows another way that accounts for daylight saving/traveling, please let me know

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Thanks for sharing! Iā€™m on a Windows, but I think from what you wrote that it should work too. Anyways, I hope people behind Anki code lines will find a more handy solution to that.

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