Flight in 2 days, how to avoid timezone issues?

Im gonna bring over my laptop and phone on a flight to just keep up with Anki. How can I prevent time zone issues while I’m overseas?

Thanks in advance!

Your review heatmap might skip a day. Other than that, Anki should work normally. There’s no way to prevent this issue as far as I know, because Anki doesn’t record the timezone where each review was done in.

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If your heatmap streak goes away:

Some might consider this cheating but you can turn off your wifi, change your time and date, do one review on the day you “missed” (if it ends up resetting your heatmap) → set your timezone back → turn your wifi back on → sync


I appreciate the tip! I’ll be sure if I do the sync trick that I’m honest with myself on the days I’ve really done them

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