How to prevent fields to show its contents spontaneously?

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I hope to to prevent fields to show its contents spontaneously ,how to do that?

Did you enable this manually from one of your fields?

Below are the instructions on how to enable it, so just put false for any fields that are opening automatically

Go to browse, go to cards like seen below


Switch to back template


Go to the second paragraph where you see all the false, then go to sketchy field (or any field you like) and change it to true like this exactly.

Is there any addon for doing this?

No, not as far as I know

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Thank u Ahmed !

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I was indeed wrong, the AnKing note types does do this, I apologize

Here is the video tutorial for how to do that

The AnKing Note Types and Add-on: The AnKing Note Types and Add-on - YouTube

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Thank u,I appreciate ur effor :pray:

Ahmed,do u know how i can change “lecture notes” field colour? I used notetypes addon but i cant find a way to change this field color

If there any addon to change color field ,tell me :pray:

@AnKingMed has clarified this point in your other post saying “I have no idea what the styling is for that deck, sorry. That’s not something we officially support so I’ve changed your post category but it’s possible someone in the community can help. They’d need your note styling though”

You can try posting on Reddit or perhaps the official Anki forum for more help, since we deal with AnkiHub and the AnKing deck specifically here.

Sorry about that

I solved this probelm using anking note types addon ,thank u

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