Sketchy images

How do I make the sketchy images show up on certain pharm cards automatically when I click show answer, without having to click on the sketchy button at the bottom?


Please see this post on how to do this: Open Field Based on Specific Note

I followed the instructions on that previous post but I can’t get it work. Here’s the screenshot from me adding the tag and still not being able to see the sketchy image

Just following up to see how to get this auto reveal to work?

I just tried this and it worked for me.

Can you try it on another card that has a sketchy field with an image in it?

Still won’t work on other cards with sketchy field

Do you have the anking note types addon installed? that might be why but im not 100% sure

Yes I already have that add on

It might be case-sensitive, can you try autoopen::Sketchy

Basically just change to a capital S

cc @abdo.nh

I tried the capital S. It still doesn’t work

Did you make sure to update the notetype to the latest version from the AnKing notetypes add-on?

I’m not exactly sure how to do that? or check if its updated?

Go to AnKing > AnKing Note Types and click on Update notetypes.

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Yes got it to work now. Thank you!

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