Sketchy images not showing up

Sorry im fairly new to using anking. Im using v12 and I didn’t see any sketchy images on the card I’m studying. Ive imported them using the media I’ve downloaded from Reddit. But on my card the Sketchy fields didn’t have any images while the images were there on the Ankihub notes. The fields are just blank. I guess there should have been images there, shouldn’t they? THank you for helping

They aren’t on every single card but should be on a decent number of them that have the sketchy tag

Hello @kvinyonathan27 :slight_smile:

Type nid:1368292090487 in the search bar of your anki app and hit enter.
You should find this note which has images in the Sketchy field:

Have you found it? If not, please check if you haven’t set this field as protected. Doing a sync with ankihub can help if you find broken sketchy images - the addon will try to download missing media files for you.

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Hi @heitorado . Thanks for the reply.
It seems to be the problem. I don’t see the sketchy images on the card you mentioned. I may be accidentally checked my sketchy protected field on. So what you’re saying is that protecting the field made me couldn’t import the image properly right? I’ve unprotected my sketchy field from the ankihub website, but after syncing i still don’t see the images. What should i do? Thank you for helping!

If you had it protected and just unprotected it, you will need to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to the deck on the add-on and that should trigger a full sync

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Thank you @Nick ! Re-subscribing it solved it. I think you could add some notes about not accidentally protecting some fields which makes some images not show up in your tutorial and faqs sheet. Or it’s already there and I didn’t see it. Anyway, thanks for helping me solve the problem

I believe it’s in the FAQ :). But glad this fixed it!