How to setup anki on my tablet


I am a brand new use did not use anki at all to study for step 1 but would like to add it for clinicals and shelfs. I became a member chose a plan but when I tried downloading things to set up a deck my (Samsung galaxy) tablet said it couldn’t open the files. Am I missing something? It seems lime people do anki on their phones and tablets all the time.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. Download anki on PC/laptop
  2. Make an account
  3. Download the deck you want
  4. Sync
  5. Log into that account on your tablet
  6. Sync there as well and you should have the deck you want

You first have to make an Anki account on a PC/desktop, then import the deck you would like and sync. Then when you are on your tablet, log into that specific account and press sync. It should work then.

Everything has to be initially done on a computer/laptop