How to unsure deck is updating properly?


I downloaded the Anking deck a little while ago (I have yet to actually use it, but I will be starting soon), and I was wondering if there was a way to check that the various updates being made to it from Ankihub are actually being applied to my deck. Is there a way to check this?

Thank you!

When you sync, it should say notes downloaded along with a number, thats how many changes that have been made since you last synced.

You can also check this on your browse, to see the cards edited today.

Then you can also go to view note history to see what that change was recently, then you can check on your own Anki if that change is consistent with what is on AnkiHub

You can also type in (Jul 2023) or (Jun 2023) to see the very recent content changes as well, that is another way to check if you would like

In essence, you don’t need to check if changes are being made as long as AnkiHub is syncing everytime you open Anki and you see a number, that means the changes are being applied to your deck