How to find which cards were corrected?

Sorry for asking but I don’t understand when the cards are updated. Monthly, daily or whenever correction is accepted? How should I know which cards were updated as I am reviewing them and I see new corrections without any notice it was corrected…


Cards are corrected daily (whenever a suggestion is accepted). You can go to browse → ankihub on the left to see what was updated.

Usually its minor things like adding sketchy content, fixing grammar, formatting, spelling.

For major changes, we add a note in extra that says what was changed and the date.

For the update log, see this: đź“ť AnKing Step Deck Update Log

Hi Ahmed,

Which section should I look? Updated today? it gives me 716 cards. Is that correct that 716 cards were updated today?

I simply want to know which my unsuspended cards were updated, especially with major changes. Is there a workflow to check that somehow in the browser and then remove the card from the update section after I familiarize with the update?