Cant see modification or updates made to cards


I’ve been using ankihub for a while now, but i still suck at understanding how it works, me and a friend are going through the process together.
We’ve noticed that whenever a card changes, it changes for her, but it remains the same for me.
I’m synced with anki hub, and every time y open anki it syncs with ankihub and everything seems to be set up ok.
When I view the card on ankihub, i can see it has changed, however, when I’m studying the card on the Anki app i can’t see these changes.

Thanks in advance.

Are you going to the AnkiHub menu and clicking sync?

I am, even though it “automatically syncs” with ankihub every time i open Anki, still no changes

Try unsubscribing and resubscribing. Also ensure you’re subscribed to the actual AnKing deck (has 10k+ subscribers). Others have uploaded copies that aren’t being maintained

It worked!! Thanks