Anking not syncing even though it says it has (after I manually make edits to test sync)

I was just testing to see whether or not the Anki syncing button would revert any changes I made to the cards directly (like adding some words to a card). After syncing, it said that no new updates were made, and when I checked the card I changed, it still had the same text I had manually added. I just want to make sure that the syncing is working correctly. The “text” is NOT protected for me, so I don’t understand why the card was not changed back to how it is on AnkiHub.

Thank you.

They will get changed if you unsubscribe/resubscribe. Or if you reset local changes.

Its recommended to protect the cards you intend to make changes to otherwise they may accidently get overwritten in the future

Hmm, I see. So, you’re saying that any cards that I manually change will not be updated unless I unsubscribe/resubscribe or if I reset local changes. But doesn’t this mean that my cards won’t ever be updated to the current AnkiHub cards without doing this? I have already protected cards that I want to protect using a specific tag, but I was just surprised that when I did not use this special tag on a card and changed it manually to test it, the sync did not revert the card. I am just worried that I won’t be getting future Anking updates to my cards if my cards are doing this. Does that make sense lol. I’m sorry.

Yes that does make sense!

If a change to a card gets accepted by us, that unprotected card will be overwritten.

If you want to know whether your card is updated to what AnkiHub has it as, you can click on “View on AnkiHub” to see whether your card locally and the card on AnkiHub matches up

Also, if you want to make sure all your cards are updated in the deck, you can do this:

Go to browse in your Anki → at the top click on ankihub addon tab → press reset all local changes

This will restore everything to what AnkiHub has unless you have specifically protected those fields

If you do the above, all your local changes you made that you have not protected with a tag will be overwritten. You will continue getting AnkiHub updates to any cards that do not have a protect tag

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