AnkiHub not syncing previously edited cards for Anking

So I used Anking Overhaul V11 before Ankihub, and I made edits to the cards. Unfortunately, I made them to the “Extra” fields instead of already protected ones like “Lecture Notes”

When I updated to AnkiHub, it did not overwrite it; those cards remained the same. However, I WANT my edited cards to be overwritten by Ankihub. How can I do this?

***I have ensured that my “Extra” field is not protected, yet Ankihub still does not update the cards.

I know that this is not synced with AnkiHub because 1) I remember adding this red text and 2) “View on Ankihub” is grayed out in the bottom left corner

Resubscribe to Anking deck in Ankihub addon to download the whole deck again.
Sync only syncs latest updated cards; it does not check every card.
That the only way I know.

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There is a better alternative to re-subscribing to the deck, which is resetting local changes to notes.
See the documentation for more information:

Does it resets tags too (such as self-made tags)? Does protected tags apply for this option too? Or only fields get affacted by this option?

It also resets tags and yes, your protected tags will be protected when doing this.