I am losing my edited version of the deck


when I study the card I take screenshots from FA and google and add them to the extra field of the deck when I upgraded to v12 I am losing my screenshots and my notes that I write in the extra field. I dont want to stop the monthly subscription because I think its amazing, but if I had to chose between my notes and anki hub, I will have to end my subscription.

please let me know what can I do, maybe I can add the notes and screenshots in a different field than extra.


The fields that are automatically protected include

  1. BNB
  2. Pathoma
  3. Lecture notes
  4. Missed questions
  5. FA
  6. Additional Resources
  7. Physeo

You should add whatever personal notes/additions you have to one of these fields (I suggest Lecture Notes)

Any additions to any of the above fields will not be deleted, as the AnKing deck doesn’t make any additions to these fields

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You need to protect your extra field if you want to make changes to it. To see how to protect fields, see this post: πŸ” Protecting Fields and Tags

We advise you to use the lecture notes field, since that field will not be updated and it is protected by default. This means that it won’t be overwritten by AnkiHub

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