I am unable to download this deck on my anki app on my mobile device. Any instruction here?

I have the Anki app downloaded to my mobile device (Iphone). I have been unable to upload the deck link/ synchronize the Anki app on my mobile device with the Anki Desktop app. Any help here?


On your desktop app, did you click “upload to ankiweb” when you were prompted?

Then on your phone app, did you click “download from ankiweb”?

Note it might take several hours for the deck to sync on your phone. Also make sure to have sufficient storage

Hello! Could you direct me to where I need to press upload to Anki web? Ive already started learning the deck on my desktop, I am hoping that nothing affects this progress? :woozy_face:

If you already started then you’re all good. Can you take a screenshot of your desktop anki main screen? The sync button should not be orange

On your phone, when you click sync, you will see a popup that says do you want to download or upload. You should click download there

Hello! I subscribed to the Anking deck on Anki hub and was trying to download the MCAT deck following the instructions provided. However, the video link for downloading the deck was not working. It redirected me to YouTube but the video link is broken.

I attached the screenshot. Could you help me with downloading the deck?

You can just click subscribe to the anking mcat deck, then go to anki and click sync