I can't sync the cards with my cell phone

I canโ€™t sync the cards with my cell phone


Make sure you have installed the deck on your laptop/desktop first.

After that, on your Anki app in your cellphone, make sure to press download from ankiweb when syncing

I already tried this and it doesnโ€™t work. I try to use the ankihub login and it shows as incorrect. I made a new account on ankiweb and there are no letters there.

Ankiweb and ankihub are not related.

Are you having issues signing into ankiweb or ankihub?

I wish I had anki on my phone. But, my deck is from ankihub. When I try to access my cards they donโ€™t appear, since the app is linked to ankiweb. I would like to know how to resolve this situation.

You need the anki app on your phone to be able to see ankihub cards. You cannot use ankihub cards without the anki app unfortunately.