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I am trying to subscribe to a deck from AnkiHub and have old decks on Anki previously. I’ve managed to get the new AnkiHub deck to show on my desktop Anki app, but am struggling to get it to sync with my laptop Anki app. I’ve synced the app and I’ve logged onto AnkiHub.

It may take a while for the deck to sync on yout computer first. Make sure it has fully synced, and that you have pressed “upload to ankiweb” when prompted.

After it has finished syncing, then click sync on your laptop. This will also take a while if this is downloading the deck for the first time.

Will it eventually sync between my two devices? So that I can do my cards on my laptop and desktop without having to start over?

Yes, once everything finishes syncing. If you do cards on desktop, then press sync, you can go to your laptop, press sync and your progress will save and you can continue where you left off

So every time I exit Anki, I have to upload to Ankiweb?

You just have to press the sync button, it usually does this when you try quitting anyways.

If you are worried about how long it takes, this only happens at the start since you are syncing thousands of cards, but after that syncing usually only takes 3-5 seconds max (depending on connection speed etc.)

It’s been a few hours. I can see all the cards on both devices, but they still aren’t synced. Is there are way for me to fix this?

Can you elaborate on what you mean by synced?

When you click on sync on a device, does it sync quickly?

If you can see the cards then everything should technically be synced

If I click sync on a device, yes it syncs quickly.

I can see the entire deck on both devices. I’ve done cards on my desktop but it’s not reflecting that on my laptop. I used to be able to start my cards on my desktop and pick up where I left off on my laptop.

It’s asked me a few times to upload/download to Ankiweb and I don’t know if that’s where I’m messing up or what might be going on.

You should be pressing upload to ankiweb on your main computer, then click download from ankiweb on your laptop.

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