I use 2 computers - do I need to 'subscribe to deck' on the add on on both devices?

I completely set everything up (media download and all) on my desktop. I went to sync and install AnkiHub add on on my laptop. Do I need to ‘subscribe to deck’ on my laptop as well? This will make me install everything on my laptop. I’d assume everything would just sync because I already installed V12 on my desktop, but I just want to make sure.


You will be okay to just sync from that second device. You’ll only be able to receive updates from the computer that is connected to AnkiHub, so just remember that.

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I appreciate it habibi!

I was wondering if syncing from laptop and desktop would be okay or could potentially interfere with the sync process. Thanks for all your hard work!

You can sync from both, just be aware of which you are uploading and downloading from if it prompts you