❤️ Ankihub + Anking + 2nd device ❤️

I am new to AnkiHub. I am subscribed to the Anking deck and have been using it for a couple of weeks.

My question is the following: can I download anki in a different computer, sign in and safely sync with my main PC which is signed in to Ankihub?

Will this second PC cause any issues since it won’t be signed in to Ankihub nor will it have the addon installed?

I do not want to lose my progress. I’d like to know this won’t cause any issues before going forward.

Thank you for your time and help!!

Yes you can do what you have said, but you can also download the ankihub addon so no matter where you are it will sync properly.

I currently am doing this with no issues, my main computer has anki + addon, my laptop has anki + addon, both have been working seamlessly with no issues!

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Hi Ahmed, I went ahead and did the above. Now it’s asking the following on my second PC (after login
in to anki and ankihub addon). Should I install even though they’re already there? Thanks again!

Yes you can press install that’s fine!

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Thank you Ahmed. Everything is working smooth!!

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