I unsubscribed previously subscribed 'ani overhaul deck' by "mistake". i have other decks still subscribed but cant subscribe to anki overhaul. please help

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please help , i have unsubscribed anki overhaul deck by mistake. i have other decks subscribed but cant subscribe to overhaul deck.


Do you mean you deleted the deck? If so

Please try resetting your local changes. To do this:

Go to browse in your Anki → at the top click on ankihub addon tab → press reset all local changes

This will restore everything to what AnkiHub has unless you have specifically protected those fields

If you are not subscribed. Go to AnkiHub → AnKing Overhaul → click subscribe → go to anki and sync

the thing is i clicked unsubscribe and now i am unable to click subscribe (on anki hub website). i clicked on other 2 decks which were available , i was able to subscribe them . but anki overhaul deck says that i have to be a member to subscribe. how is this possible to subscribe to some decks and not this deck.

This is because there are some free decks that you do not need a subscription to AnkiHub to install and sync (decks such as USMLE lab values and Dermki)

Other decks you will need a subscription to install and sync