Is it ok if I make seperate decks?

Hi I just finished trouble shooting and started Ankihub and I have a few questions how things work.

  1. I just synced with anking overhaul and I’m willing to choose a few questions and make a new deck that only includes them. (Like the screenshot 1 “Introduction” I’m guessing it’s called a subdeck?)
    Currently the tutorial instructs to just “toggle suspend” and that just adds the questions all to the same list. Are there any other tutorials for this?

  2. If the above isn’t possible, I’m willing to just select those questions and use “Change deck”. If I make a new deck and move these questions, will the original deck be refilled(Because they are removed else)?

Thanks for your response.


For your first question, you can either

  1. Make a separate “subdeck” by clicking on create deck at the bottom and creating a new deck that way, then dragging it under AnKing Overhaul
  2. Create a custom filtered deck ( This is personally the option I do when trying to learn new material, this is what it looks like:

You can also do this if you want, the original deck will not be refilled since now they have been moved. You will need to manually relocate them again after if you wish to bring them back to the original deck