Issues changing clozes


I am having a hard time with a lot of my decks since upgrading to AnkiHub. I have a lot of cards that come up empty and / or issues with the clozes. When I go into the card fields option, it won’t allow me to change the cloze from 2,3,4 to cloze 1 (the one that the preview shows would work). This seems to happen the most with questions that have multiple clozes with acronyms, like with suicide completion and its SAD PERSONS acronym. Is there a way for me to fix this? Sorry I tried adding more pictures but I am still a new user.

Can you go to tools-> Empty cards?

I can. It pulls up 260 cards. Should I uncheck the box that says keep notes with no valid cards or should I manually delete them? The cards aren’t empty it just has messed up clozes.

Yes uncheck that box and press delete

The clozes are not messed up, sometimes we merge clozes from C1 C2 to C1 C1 if we deem the card can benefit from having to recall both clozes at the same time, this also reduces card amount and leads to better retention in most cases :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thank you so much!

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